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Rates and Hours

Business Hours:

Weekdays 9 AM to 5 PM. Onsite and shop service by appointment. Please use our Contact form or call 919-968-7787 to schedule.

  Service Rates  as of   6/1/2017

Labor Rate: $75/ half hour for the 1st hour. Rate is $67.50/half hour over the first for longer repairs or projects

Rate for Non-Profit Organizations: $62.50/half hour

Trip Charge for Onsite Service: $25 outside Chapel Hill Carrboro/$10 in Chapel Hill-Carrboro

*A minimum half hour charge applies to onsite and shop service.

LYC Shop Service and Fee List

The LYC Shop is set up to help you get the most from your computer throughout its lifecycle. From getting things set up right the first time when new, to keeping it in service through hardware failure or malware attack, up to taking it out of service, moving the data on to the next computer and arranging proper and secure disposal, the LYC shop has you and your computer covered all the way.

Malware Removal:  Using the safest methods, LYC will scan and clean your computer’s drive, while protecting your data. After this your computer’s condition will be evaluated, and you will get a report on the options available for repairing the computer. Initial evaluation: $75. Average repair cost: $150.00

Hard Drive Services:  Hard drives are the most important part of the computer – and the most prone to failure. LYC has over a decade’s experience in protecting, transferring and recovering data, as well as working with hard drives in many conditions. Initial evaluations are $75. Costs range from $75 to $150 depending on the complexity of the job – condition of the drive, amount of data, etc.

New System Setup: LYC will get your new computer set up and updated (Windows and drivers), install security software – we’ll also install your software and transfer your data from your old computer. We can deliver your computer too, ‘ready to use’ (at extra cost). Cost average: $150 – $217.50

Remote Diagnostic: Our convenient remote support program allows many diagnostic and configuration procedures to be done without a trip to your house. Safe and secure.

Parts Special Ordering: take advantage of years of experience sourcing unique computer parts. $15

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