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I work in an industry that has become notorious for how little information it provides to end users. When I got started in IT, just over a quarter century ago, software often came with manuals the size of a long novel. Today we make do with searching online help or browsing bookstores. Meanwhile the sheer volume of technologies one must keep up with now dwarfs what we used even five or ten years ago.

LYC Consulting is my response to this challenge. I meet many organizations and individuals who know that they need to move forward with their security, mobility and communications. I am able to offer a practical analysis of what resources they have, and a broad picture of available technologies that might meet their needs going forward.

LYC Consulting can assist in equipment sourcing and cost evaluation. I can also plan a strategy for deployment of new technologies, or migrations from old to new, to keep costs and business downtime to a minimum.

Perhaps most importantly, LYC Consulting is dedicated to making information about technology assets and decisions clear and understandable. With a clear understanding of the systems and services they own and depend on, and what needs to be done when things don’t work correctly, most clients can enjoy higher productivity and less frustration.

LYC Consulting works with clients of any size. If you are a business looking to migrate to new hardware, or interested in a full system evaluation, or if you are an individual with a home office interested in security and mobility, or anything in between, LYC Consulting can make your IT work better for you.

Call 919-968-7787 or email paulr@loveyourcomputer.com to learn more.




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