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When I started Love Your Computer back in 1997, everyone was still on dial-up modems for Internet and saving their files to floppy disks. Things certainly have changed since then, but one thing has remained true all along: people, and the information, the data they work hard to generate are what matters most.
I have spent the past 18 plus years building an IT practice that is built completely around people and their data. That means that we can handle every phase of a computer’s lifecycle from first deployment through accidents (such as malware attack and hard drive failure), all the way to end of life and recycling. It also means that we provide our customers with cutting edge antimalware and system backup technologies that provide affordable and simple to manage peace of mind, with no risk of data loss, and downtime due to accidental failures kept to a minimum.

Love Your Computer’s expertise reaches beyond the computer and data to all of the many technologies that are part of running a business, or even a home: networking, e-mail hosting, DNS, mobile devices, remote access, server operating systems, cloud services – we’ve helped our clients with all of them.

Ultimately that’s what Love Your Computer is all about – helping each one of our clients find the right combination of technologies to make their business work, the way they need it to. Then we help protect and grow that investment, ensuring that our clients’ IT infrastructure is an asset, not a costly liability.

This, of course, is where people come in. One of the reasons I started this company was that people wanted a place they could really trust to go for computer services. Love Your Computer offers the kind of personal, attentive and honest service that you would expect from a local family business. We take the time to talk to you, listen to you, and explain to you exactly what we are doing for you. Our customers get exactly what they need, and what they expect. 

Experience, expertise and exceptional personal service. That’s the Love Your Computer difference. I hope you’ll contact us and experience it for yourself.

Paul Rosenberg, Owner
Love Your Computer